About us

Do you have trouble sleeping? staying healthy? If yes, you are not the only one. That is why I have launched the online store "Sleep and Health Care" to provide items that can help people to sleep better and to improve their lives.

Our goal and products

The way you sleep have a strong impact on your performance (for example: at work, in sports, ...) and can have a negative effect on your health (the amount of good quality sleep can affect your weight, your immune system, ...). Our product are designed to help you  sleeping for a longer period of time, falling asleep quicker, not waking up often per night, having better sleeping experiences while travelling, sleeping outside while camping, staying safe and awake while driving, providing you all you need to have a good night's sleep like pyjamas, pillows, aids and so on.

Why choose Sleep and Health care?

Our customer service can help you if you have any request.  Most importantly we care about our customers and we want them to find items that will improve the quality of their life. Each product in our shop have been carefully selected in order to fulfill a need or a passion at a reasonable price. For example, one of our great product (a sleep mask) is here so that you can stop covering your eyes with your hands while taking a nap or sleeping.

Sleep well and you will be better than ever.


About me: Founder of Sleep And Health Care

I am an European citizen, I live and I was born in a French island. I am a math teacher qualified to teach math in french and English. When my son was born I rediscover the value of sleeping because I couldn't sleep well anymore. I was so tired all the time, less productive at work and I couldn't have a good workout in my favorite sport. This is when I became to look for solutions for improving the quantity and quality of sleeping. After a while I decided to open this online store to help people who want to sleep better.