Sleeping as a pregnant woman

Relax with sleep and health care

Delivery, labor/labour, baby’s health can all be affected by sleep quantity and quality, not to forget your own health. So it is time to be serious about sleeping and to implement healthy sleeping habits.

As a pregnant woman, you probably struggle to find a comfortable position to stay in bed and to sleep. During pregnancy, try sleeping on the side. Practitioners usually recommend sleeping on the left side but sleeping on your right side can be fine too. You should really avoid sleeping on the back which can cause various health issues for you and your baby. Although some women are able to sleep on the stomach at the beginning of their pregnancy, with time it will become nearly impossible to keep this position.

Above all, a feeling of discomfort is often prevented you from resting: maybe you feel like your mattress, bed sheets, pillow, sleepwear, and other piece of clothes do not suit you anymore.

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